Monday, February 25, 2008

How To Find Golf Course Deals - Cheaper Golfing

Are you wanting to find a better deal than pumping $100, $200, even more for a round of golf?

First off, look to lesser golf courses - if you want to improve your game, 100 rounds at a local, public course will do a heck of a lot more for your game than 20 at a high end private course - even if you WERE golfing with jack Nicklaus!!

Next look for off season deals - in the Pacific Northwest that means the rainy winter season - you can get a golf course membership for just the 5 winter months at one course I know - for less than you'd spend golfing 5-10 times in the summer!

If you get rain gear, in this example, and golf regularly, you can be a MUCH better golfer by the end of one "season", and be golfing every day!

Another idea is to golf twilight or dawn hours - I love twilight golf, because its a great deal, conditions are gorgeous, even a little cooler than the height of noon, and its kind of fun to see just how many holes you can get in before its too dark to see!

I have a friend who gets on his golf course's mailing list - and its a group of courses, actually - they send out email alerts when they have little used time available at a discount. if they see a week or a day ahead looking underbooked, they'll send out an alert offering 4 golfers for the price of 3, locals get a $69 rate, 2 for 1, etc - get signed up on local email lists like this!

The Entertainment Book has discount coupons for golf courses - this can add up in a HURRY! One 2 for 1 day can pay for the cost of the book in one shot - and there are a variety of golf courses on there!

Lastly, head out of town. In Vancouver, the most expensive golf courses are near downtown, private courses, and the Whistler area - head out to suburban, even rural golf courses, for uncrowded, scenic, and discount golf rates - at all times!

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