Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Golf Options: Hit Fairways Your Way

Golf Options: Hit Fairways Your Way

Golf Options: Hit Fairways Your Way is a new and innovative approach to golf instruction. The reason that this book was written was to teach golfers (exactly as the title states) that they have options when they swing the golf club.

Not everyone has the same swing. Therefore, the same thing will not work for everyone. Golfers will have much more success if they experiment and fine tune their swing.

For example, many recreational golfers don't realize that they may have much more success if they moved the ball up in their stance a few inches at setup, or they took a weak grip versus a strong grip. They don't know these things because usually, they just pick up the club and swing.

This book is about laying out the options that golfers have, and the results that they can expect with various changes that they make to their setup. Many golfers use this book to help cure a slice, or to regain lost distance.

At Last! The Secrets That Will Immediately Allow You to Hit a Golf Ball Farther and Straighter Than Ever Before Are Revealed!

New eBook Contains the Advice and
Information You Need to:

* Dramatically Lower Your Golf Score
* Correct Your Slice
* Become Absolutely Confident in Your Swing
* Start Beating Your Friends Like a Drum on the Golf Course!

Haven’t you ever wished you had an unfair advantage when you were out on the golf course? Not something illegal mind you, but maybe access to the very best equipment or the advice of a great coach … something, anything, that would help you:

* Hit the ball farther

* Hit the ball straighter

* Gain control over your swing

* Gain confidence in your game

* Compete like the pros

* And, most importantly, routinely beat your friends and opponents!

Golf Options: Hit Fairways Your Way

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